Jungala Aqua Experience

Jungala is a boutique experience dedicated to high-end lounging, sumptuous pampering, and amazing attractions. It's complete with park concierges, wonderful new dining concepts, spa services, and a collection of world-class rides. From the longest lazy river in Latin America to the cutting-edge wave pool with waves up to 1.5 meters high, Jungala offers something for every sun-seeker. 


Prepare for a fantastic adventure that will take you through the jungle, under the sea, and across the pages of history. Each night, acrobats perform dizzying flips and leaps, contortionists bend impossibly, puppeteers make dinosaurs dash and cockroaches dance, musicians fill the world with song, and the very stage comes alive to lead you on a journey that dazzles the senses. Welcome to JOYÀ—you’re in for a wild ride. 


At the heart of Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is an impressive entertainment center where you can see live music, acrobatic acts, displays of art, and folklore-inspired dances, under one thatched roof.


OMNIA Dayclub brings the world's biggest DJs to the stunning shores of Cabos, creating the ultimate daylife entertainment experience. New events are always being added, so please check our schedule frequently for updates. Are you ready to explore the rhythms of OMNIA Dayclub?

The Ride Of Your Life: Vidanta World

The Parks will be the next evolution in family vacationing that will completely redefine what's possible. These exciting new projects will push the limits of physics, technology, performing arts, and the imagination. Offering gravity-defying rides and never-before-experienced immersive attractions, The Parks will allow your family to live the impossible.

Wecome To Vidanta World

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